Wayne Williams - Director - W2 Cinema

"Working in mainstream media throughout my life, I've always had a camera in tow. The years of a Radio and T.V. Personality, as well as teaching Media Arts and Technology in Toronto's Humber College, has nurtured my love for working with people. Your session or sessions with myself and my team will be an entertaining experience!"

Wayne is steadfast in his belief that W2 Cinema is about art and business; making a marketing piece that encompasses a business or personality that is able to extract its essence and values. When shooting a video, the entire focus is on telling your story in a way that drives action by your audience.

A critical aspect to the success of W2 Cinema is the relationship that gets built between the director, Wayne, and every single one of his clients, a relationship that everyone can count on.

Meet the W2 Cinema Team

With an intense passion about cinematography, Wayne ensures perfection in all elements of production. From set design, lighting, sound, music, editing, and beyond. Delivering a finished product that exceeds expectations is his specialty.

"Drop me a line, or just browse our site and enjoy the videos. I'd love to hear from you."

- Wayne WIlliams

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