Aerial Video Production

Aerial video production provides a truly unique aerial perspective for your corporate promotional video, real estate listing video, or construction development video.


With the highest quality cameras mounted on Professional Phantom and Inspire1 DJI drones, your aerial video footage will take your company, brand, or listing to new heights. 

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                    Not all Drone Video Services Are Equal

Drones used for aerial video services are inherently costly, as are the cameras attached to the drones. An unskilled drone pilot may not be confident enough to capture the shots needed, in fear of crashing their drone.

Our top gun drone pilots and aerial videographers are extremely skilled in getting the perfect shots, no matter the obstacles faced. You can be guaranteed amazing shots, as our pilots buzz the target and fly-by close obstacles.

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AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY: We capture Hi Res. photographs from almost any angle. This service typically takes 1/2 hour to an hour then we post process all images and deliver on a flash drive and host your own online gallery.


HD VIDEO: We capture stunning HD video with our range of platforms. High and slow, fast and low... This service typically takes 1-2 hours. We provide full video editing for a final product ready to publish with your own online video gallery.

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