Video Production Packages

Video Production Packages, also called Digital Multimedia Bundles, are full service video production packages that give you or your business everything it needs to get an informative and entertaining video produced.

Our Video Production Packages consist of the following:

  • High Definition Video

  • High Resolution Stills

  • Professional Narration

  • Perfectly Matched Music

  • Your Sell Sheet, Information, or Resume

Imagine selling your service, product, company, or talent with a forward thinking multimedia piece that will separate you from your competition.

Your Video Production Package will include the multimedia video feature, a portfolio of hi-res images, and your sell sheet, information, or resume, all on a branded flash drive. You can pass it on to perspective clients, email it, or post any of the elements to your Website, Facebook Page, LinkedIn account, or wherever else you may want to share it.

Want to take your video to the next level?
Request an add-on for Aerial Video Production

How The Video Production Package Works

A pre-shoot interview/meeting will be mandatory to ensure that a compelling digital package is created that will elevate your brand, show your product, or highlight your talents. During this meeting we can determine how your script should flow, and whether or not we will write the script copy for you.

A day is booked for the shoot at a pre-determined location, where all the lighting, rigs, reflectors, microphones and more will be setup. You or your video star will be interviewed and directed by multimedia specialist & professional Radio and T.V. broadcaster Wayne Williams. He will dig deep and ask the right questions to bring out all the information you wish to provide, in a natural, light, informative, and fun style. 

Wayne's coaching can help turn a rookie into a natural talent; don't worry and don't be camera shy!

After shooting we edit, tailor and tweak your Digital Information Package to your liking, ensuring that the video covers all of your goals.

Video Production Pricing - Monthly Payments Available
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